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Release Type PEAR-style PHP-based Package
Summary PEAR Base System
Description The PEAR package contains:
* the PEAR installer, for creating, distributing
and installing packages
* the PEAR_Exception PHP5 error handling mechanism
* the PEAR_ErrorStack advanced error handling mechanism
* the PEAR_Error error handling mechanism
* the OS_Guess class for retrieving info about the OS
where PHP is running on
* the System class for quick handling of common operations
with files and directories
* the PEAR base class
Features in a nutshell:
* full support for channels
* pre-download dependency validation
* new package.xml 2.0 format allows tremendous flexibility while maintaining BC
* support for optional dependency groups and limited support for sub-packaging
* robust dependency support
* full dependency validation on uninstall
* remote install for hosts with only ftp access - no more problems with
restricted host installation
* full support for mirroring
* support for bundling several packages into a single tarball
* support for static dependencies on a url-based package
* support for custom file roles and installation tasks
Maintainers Greg Beaver <> (lead, inactive)
Pierre-Alain Joye <> (lead, inactive)
Stig Bakken <> (lead, inactive)
Tomas V.V.Cox <> (lead, inactive)
Helgi Thormar <> (lead)
Tias Guns <> (developer)
Tim Jackson <> (helper, inactive)
Bertrand Gugger <> (helper, inactive)
Martin Jansen <> (helper, inactive)
Release Date 2011-07-06 22:11:24
Release Version 1.9.4 (stable)
API Version 1.9.4 (stable)
License New BSD License (
Release Notes Bug Fixes:
* Bug #17350: "pear install --force" doesn't uninstall files from previous pkg versions [dufuz]
* Bug #18362: A whitespace TEMP_DIR path breaks install/upgrade functionality [dufuz]
* Bug #18440: bad tmp folder path on install : Unable to create path for C:/Program/tmp [dufuz]
* Bug #18581: "config-get -c" not returning channel's configuration when using alias [dufuz]
* Bug #18639: regression: installing xdebug fails most likely due to another fix [dufuz]

* All System (the class) functions can now take in spaced paths as long as they are surrounded in quotes.
Prior to this it was possible to do that by passing all values in as an array (by product of #18362, #18440) [dufuz]
Required Dependencies PHP version 4.4.0
PEAR installer version 1.4.3 or newer
Version 1.3.7 or newer
Version 1.0.2 or newer
Recommended version: 1.0.4
Version 1.2 or newer
Recommended version: 1.2.3
Version 1.2.0 or newer
Recommended version: 1.2.1
Extension xml
Extension pcre
Not Compatible with PHP versions
5.0, 5.1.0, 5.1.1, 5.1.2, 5.1.3, 5.1.4, 5.1.5
Version 0.4 or older
Version 0.4.0 or older
=> except Package pear/PEAR_Frontend_Gtk
Versions 0.4.0
Dependency Group webinstaller PEAR's web-based installer
webinstaller Contents Package
Version 0.5.1 or newer
Dependency Group gtkinstaller PEAR's PHP-GTK-based installer
gtkinstaller Contents Package
Version 0.4.0 or newer
Dependency Group gtk2installer PEAR's PHP-GTK2-based installer
gtk2installer Contents Package
package.xml version 2.0
Last Modified 2011-09-10 17:35
Previous Installed Version - None -
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